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Nov 30, 1940: Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz were married.
Nov 30, 1974: The fossilized remains of a female human ancestor named Lucy (after the Beatles song Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds) were found in Ethiopia.
Nov 30, 1804: Supreme Court Justice Samuel Chase was tried for political bias.
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Culinary Tours

Culinary tours allow your students to select from menus of culinary and cultural travel experiences that will enhance your cooking adventure based on your taste and desire. Make pastries in Paris .. Toss a pizza pie in Italy .. Sample ethnic foods from around the world in New York or take a cooking class in New Orleans. We offer tours in cities throughout the world!

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Art Tours

Art based tours allow your students to experience and see some of the top art museums in world. On your tour, you will have the opportunity to explore classic and modern forms of art. You will get to experience firsthand famous paintings, sculptures and works of art by world famous artists such as; Michelangelo, Picasso and Van Gogh!

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Science Tours

Have lunch with an astronaut at the Kennedy Space Center. Visit the Biodome in Montreal. Trips involving science are ripe with opportunities to explore nature and the environment. based itineraries include exciting options in many cities!

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Foreign Language Tours

Bonjour! Hola! Buon Giorno! There.s no better way to practice your foreign language skills than to try them out in where they are spoken natively. From conversing with natives to being immersed in foreign dialogue and customs, students will be able to enhance their foreign language skills.

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Performance Tours

Perform at Carnegie Hall or Lincoln Center. Participate in a music festival or competition with other bands or choirs. We offer numerous programs with workshops, master classes, public performance opportunities, festivals and competitions.

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College Visits Tours

College prep tours can be the perfect trip for upcoming juniors and seniors in High School. Students will get to explore the campus and speak with ambassadors about questions that may arise during their visit. Not only will you get to visit colleges/universities, but you will also get to embark on beautiful landmarks!

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Theater & Drama Tours

Theatre tours are perfect for drama classes, theatre groups or those with an appreciation for acting. See a Broadway show or a show in London.s West End. Learn how professionals got started and how they made it to the .Great White Way.. Let your students participate in theatre workshops where you can learn about the business from theatre or television professionals. We offer theatre and acting based itineraries in Los Angeles, Chicago, Toronto, N...

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Finance Tours

Finance tours will take you inside the Financial Capital as you have never experienced it before. Learn about the role of central banking and visit the Gold Vault . a room situated 80 feet below street level and housing a quarter of the world's supply of gold bullion.

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Social Studies Tours

Social Studies tours will take your students beyond the books and atlases allowing them to experience geography first-hand. Sit in on a lecture at the Supreme Court. Hear Congress in action in the gallery at the House of Representatives or the Senate. See the White House where our nation.s President resides. Your students will get to experience government and politics in our nation.s Capitol!

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Community Service Tours

Sustainable Horizon's mission is to create authentic volunteer opportunities promoting sustainability through community service and environmental conservation. Participants act as catalysts for sustainable development and are dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for those living in the present and the future. Sustainable Horizon provides participants with a global experience in which they will not only gain a sense of awareness and respect ...

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What are the Benefits of Educational Travel Tours?Click To Expand

Students learn in a wide variety of ways. Some students learn best by reading notes, books, and by clear, written instructions. Other students are more visual, requiring hands-on work in order to succeed. No matter their learning methods, all students have one thing in common: They will learn by doing something memorable. A student must choose a method that makes the material they learn the most memorable to them. An excellent learning tool for students of all ages is taking educational tours.

Different student tours are available all across the world; these special educational travel tours cover a wide variety of subjects and categories that students may be studying. This method of learning may be non-traditional, but when students are allowed the adventures of student travel tours, they are much more likely to memorize and retain important material. Think about this: Children and young adults remember their favorite memories and fun times in vivid detail. If education is presented in a fun manner, the rate of retention and recall increases exponentially.

Group student tours offer students a chance to work and study in pairs, which further enhances the learning experience for everyone involved. When students enjoy a fun and educational tour together, they are much more likely to study together and review their experiences during the tours. Not only does this make studying more fun and social, it allows students to retain and remember all they have learned.

Any great educator can agree that teaching students in an enriching manner is of the utmost importance. Therefore, allowing students the adventures of educational travel tours is essential in the learning process.

It’s important to choose a trusted resource for your educational travel tours. With many years of experience in the educational tour industry and a variety of exciting destinations all over the globe, Educational Travel Adventures is the first choice for parents, educators, and students! At Educational Travel Adventures, we always make the safety and enjoyment of our travelers the highest priority. Students and chaperones will enjoy a worry-free group tour.

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Questions? We're here to help!


Questions? We're here to help!